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Welcome to my website!

This is the place where you can find a significant collection of my work ranging from portraits to comic books. Most of my latest artwork is featured here as well as earlier works. To see additional pieces, click on the images. Should you see a piece of work you are interested in, want to commission a piece, or have a question, please contact me by clicking contact me.



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Portrait of my daughter and her horse Sugar.
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      My life has always been about art. Drawing, creating, working in many different styles and mediums. WORK WORK is the wrong word.

     I have had many different jobs. I then ventured into freelancing. That began as just working for various comic companies then expanded into MY own company KHB Productions, Inc. My company has taken on many projects from Sports Art, Cartoonist, illustrator, Portrait Artist to self publishing a 100 page graphic novel 35 Years: Will You Survived? and of course lots and lots of commissions. I never stop. If I don't have something to work on I will work on creating new art for sale. Such as Marker Art or Sketch Cards or Pen and Ink illustrations. You get the point. Whatever catches my fancy at the time. 

     So find out about my background and artistic accomplishments.  If you are looking for a great piece of artwork for yourself or a gift for a friend? Search through my portfolio on here (click on art and it will link you to other work I have done) or you can also contact me directly. I am always doing commissions so let me know what YOU would like if you can't find it.

My 100 page Graphic Novel...Click me to see more!
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